Subsanity Freak Tulsa 2014

On: October 30, 2014

SUBSANITY-"Convulsing Discharge Of Inanity" 02-04-1992

On: May 23, 2014

Escape Jonestown on ATARI 2600

On: June 26, 2010

Reign In Beer

On: November 6, 2009

Digital Derby

On: July 9, 2009



my uncle Kirk hooked me up with this
ULTRA-BADASS christmas gift in the 1st
or 2nd grade...1978-79 give or take a year...

Totally killer game,
especially for back then - when its
competition was NIGHT RIDER on
Atari 2600, yo!

Spider-Man WEBMAKER!!!

On: June 15, 2009

All I remember about this awesome toy is how pissed off my poor mom got
after making one "web" too many, and making one hell of a mess.

The shit was like stringy super glue....real sticky too, you could stick the tiny
plastic guys in your flies.

I remember strong disappointment after quickly
losing all the little plastic guys.....even stronger when my tube ran out.....i'm pretty
sure that was the day my mom got pissed off at my's all pretty vague.

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Ape Warrior

On: May 6, 2009

Another lame ass toy I had as a kid...well, pretty fuckin awesome actually!
This PLANET OF THE APES warrior wielded a bowie knife and obviously
was non-posable! I remember eventually one of the arms got ripped off, so
check this fuckin parents SEWED IT BACK ON FOR ME! LMFAO!
Between that and my ONE stormtrooper with his leg that they SCREWED BACK
ON, I am forced to say WHAT THE FUCK!?? LMFAO.......kick ass!

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TV Scoreboard!

On: April 29, 2009

This was my first gaming system!!! AWESOME!!

When you(or your parents more likely) were either playing ATARI or INTELLIVISION or COLECOVISION........or maybe even an ODYSSEY lower-middleclassed 9 or 10 year old ass('82 or '83 i think) was playin ATARI @ the neighbors house(the dick would RESET it every time he fuckin died.........lmfao........) until another neighbor across the street sold my parents this piece of s*#t at a garage sale for prolly a few bucks haha........I FUCKIN HAD TO HAVE IT!!! sure I prolly got made fun of EVEN MORE then i did when i was gameless.........BUT IT WAS MY FIRST AND IT FUCKIN RULED!!!

Space War!

On: April 27, 2009

The Darth Vader-inspired piece of crap
that I had to play with as a kid. Nice mechanical
arm, shield and laser pistol.....check the "Space Sword".

Yes, I had to get these lame knockoffs
(Darth, Chewie.....maybe others) LONG before
finally getting an actual fucking Stormtrooper!

I had my stepdad SCREW the stormtroopers leg back on after an especially brutal round of play...that was my only stormtrooper until the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK snow that was a REAL action figure!

Oversoul Matters Of The Soul 5 27 01 Ohio

On: April 12, 2009


On: March 29, 2009



On: March 8, 2009

Photobucket Album


On: February 22, 2009

Taken from Diarreader Zine summer 1992 in Dallas Texas at a former porn theatre turned punk rock club(Slipped Disc/Easy Street Theatre),interview by Evan O'Dell

On: February 20, 2009


On: January 16, 2009


On: January 14, 2009

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Man Of The Wasteland episode 2

On: January 8, 2009

Featuring background/mood music by SUBSANITY!