TV Scoreboard!

On: April 29, 2009

This was my first gaming system!!! AWESOME!!

When you(or your parents more likely) were either playing ATARI or INTELLIVISION or COLECOVISION........or maybe even an ODYSSEY lower-middleclassed 9 or 10 year old ass('82 or '83 i think) was playin ATARI @ the neighbors house(the dick would RESET it every time he fuckin died.........lmfao........) until another neighbor across the street sold my parents this piece of s*#t at a garage sale for prolly a few bucks haha........I FUCKIN HAD TO HAVE IT!!! sure I prolly got made fun of EVEN MORE then i did when i was gameless.........BUT IT WAS MY FIRST AND IT FUCKIN RULED!!!

Space War!

On: April 27, 2009

The Darth Vader-inspired piece of crap
that I had to play with as a kid. Nice mechanical
arm, shield and laser pistol.....check the "Space Sword".

Yes, I had to get these lame knockoffs
(Darth, Chewie.....maybe others) LONG before
finally getting an actual fucking Stormtrooper!

I had my stepdad SCREW the stormtroopers leg back on after an especially brutal round of play...that was my only stormtrooper until the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK snow that was a REAL action figure!

Oversoul Matters Of The Soul 5 27 01 Ohio

On: April 12, 2009